you can now find me here. please come and play as i'll no longer be posting here.

and i am retarded. last night as i was trying to put groceries away on top of the refridgerator, i fell off a step ladder. somehow i lost my footing ~ could it be because i am suddenly very front heavy and am totally off balance from what i'm used to ~ and tumbled to the floor. i did something gnarley to my right foot and it still hurts. i either twisted or sprained it pretty bad. i can put slight pressure on it today, but it still hurts when i do so. sigh. i guess i'm just having a hard time realizing that i cannot do everything that i'm used to doing. yesterday was the first day i actually accepted help at the grocery store from the baggers to take my groceries to my car. asking for help is hard when you're used to doing everything on your own!

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