you can now find me here. please come and play as i'll no longer be posting here.

and i am retarded. last night as i was trying to put groceries away on top of the refridgerator, i fell off a step ladder. somehow i lost my footing ~ could it be because i am suddenly very front heavy and am totally off balance from what i'm used to ~ and tumbled to the floor. i did something gnarley to my right foot and it still hurts. i either twisted or sprained it pretty bad. i can put slight pressure on it today, but it still hurts when i do so. sigh. i guess i'm just having a hard time realizing that i cannot do everything that i'm used to doing. yesterday was the first day i actually accepted help at the grocery store from the baggers to take my groceries to my car. asking for help is hard when you're used to doing everything on your own!

so today i had another litany of tests done. this time i went to see a cardiologist. i've had a goofy heart beat for some time now and i've been on beta blockers for it for several years. well, my ob feels that i should not be on it for my last trimester as it can increase the chances of little miss peanut being small at birth. so, i went off them.

today i had an ekg and some other random heart tests that prove that i do, in fact, have a mini heart murmur. so, more tests need to be done. sigh. in a week i have to wear a halter monitor for 24 hours which will see what my heart is doing. then i have to get more blood work done. then i have to get a heart sonogram. but, the cardiologist was super nice and seemed very knowledgeable. he also agreed that i should be off the beta blockers and was glad that my ob took me off of them. he said i will notice my heart race more, but that should be just more of an inconvenience to me than anything else.

my appointment lasted for almost 2 hours. so, as a treat, i went to jamba juice afterwards. mmm.

and while i was at my appointment today, i got the results back from my glucose test from yesterday. i had to drink that flat orange soda stuff and wait for an hour and then have blood drawn. yummy. well, turns out i DON'T have gestational diabetes. Yay!! but, i do have slight anemia, so i will need to take a daily iron tablet. but, that's okay. i would rather be a bit anemic than diabetic.

but really, i would just like for all of these tests to be done!

13 mom characteristics/traits/items that frighten me:

1. mom jeans. please shoot me if i am EVER seen in a pair.

2. mom hair. again, just shoot me.

3. driving a mini van. an suv or a station wagon is fine. however, a mini van is not.

4. being a soccer mom.

5. the stay at home mom who gives up on life and has a midlife crisis at 40.

6. being a stepford wife.

7. trying to act and dress like she is 20, when really she is over 40.

8. being a mommy blogger as the only means of interaction with the real world.

9. living their life vicariously through their children to the point of pushing their child to do things they don't really want to do, like play certain sports, participate in pageants and play instruments.

10. on that note, pageant moms.

11. spending ridiculous amounts of money on a child's birthday party as if it were a wedding.

12. not being able to cook a single meal unless it consists of putting something in the microwave or adding boiling water. seriously. read a freaking cookbook. it isn't hard.

13. going out and partying at all hours, forgetting they are even a mom.

sad news.

one of my dearest friends had an awful family tragedy occur this weekend. please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

weekend update.

my weekend recap will be short and sweet. we left town around 7 pm so we missed a good deal of traffic. we filled up about half way there to make sure we had enough gas to make it up the mountain and it was an astronomical $4.25 a gallon for regular! YIKES.

along the way it started raining. nothing heavy, but rain nonetheless. we arrived around 10:30 pm to snow and cold. luckily the cabin has several space heaters which we plugged in and went straight to bed.
check me out in my j-lo outfit as soon as we arrived.

since the weather was stormy all weekend, we stayed in bed or hung out in the living room by the fire. at one point we went into town ~ a term a use loosely as there are only 25 year round residents ~ and hubby had to tie my tennis shoes for me as i can no longer reach my feet!!

i read two books over the 3 days and relaxed a whole bunch. all the swelling that i had the week before had gone away completely. i'm almost ready to go back to work tomorrow. almost!

oh, and here i am when we got home this evening in our garden. i can't believe i'm 7 months along!!


well, i'm about off for the weekend, and not a moment too soon!

i still have to stop by the grocery store for a few things and oh, pack. and fill up the car. on my way to work it was $4.05 a gallon. sweet. but, for three totally uninterrupted days of peace and quiet, it's worth every penny.

thunder storms are expected, but that could make for a warm and cozy weekend.

hope you all have a fantabulous holiday weekend!!



You Will Be a Cool Parent

You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need.

You can tell when it's time to let kids off the hook, and when it's time to lay down the law.

While your parenting is modern and hip, it's not over the top.

You know that there's nothing cool about a parent who acts like a teenager... or a drill sergeant!


i've been sort of blue since yesterday after my doctor's appointment and i just can't shake the feeling. first, i have to say, i love love love my new doctor's office. i have been meeting with a fantastic midwife for the past few visits and i am definitely going to have her do my delivery.

anyhow, as part of my appointment yesterday we talked about my relationship with my mother and while the conversation went well, it was a bit saddening to talk about how she has never been a real mother to me. my midwife was concerned for me as the whole birthing process is quite emotional, as well as totally physical. i assured her that i have a very strong girlfriend support system, but i did agree that i was saddened that i would not have anyone who fills that motherly role.

i know that mentally i am quite a strong girl, but i am not invincible. and while i try to hide it, it really does bother me deep down that i have never had a motherly figure in my life. actually, it bothers me a lot. i have some great friends who have wonderful mothers, like sally and jacarandabush, and i always enjoy being around their mothers. even their fathers are great.

things have gotten increasingly harder for me that my parents are so out of touch with reality and with me. in the past i have done so much to include them, but they just don't seem to care. what bothers me even more is the fact that they adopted me, so you would think that they would just have this outpouring of love to give. but they don't. at the start of last year, i even wrote my mother a long letter, explaining how i was feeling and she never responded. she didn't even acknowledge that she received the letter, though i know she did.

even when i was a child, there was nothing warm and loving about them. they never attended any of my events unless it was orchestra. they didn't attend gymnastics, swimming or cheerleading events. they didn't read the school newspaper when i had an article published. my mother didn't even see the point in going to my college graduation as she didn't feel it was that big of a deal, even though no one else in my family has ever gone. she couldn't understand why my mil (before she was even my mil) wanted to throw me a graduation party. she also told me around the time i was in my early 20's that no one celebrated birthdays anymore and that i couldn't have people over when it was my birthday. and if people did come over, she told them not to bring me gifts.

the longer i'm away from them, the more strength i have. but, it also tends to make me more meloncholy when i give myself time to think about it as well. i know i will never change them. i had hoped things would change once i became pregnant, but nothing has changed. they don't even want to come up when i go into labor. i know i just need to be strong and move on with things, but it still hurts and makes me feel alone.

by the numbers.

my new bra size: 36-d

friends who have given birth so far this year: 7

friends who will give birth later this year: 3

months until i give birth: 3

baby showers i will have within the next two months: 4

baby showers my mother will attend: 0

baby showers my mil will attend: 1

price i paid to fill up my car today with unleaded gas: $3.99/gal

price i paid for a gallon of milk yesterday: $2.99/gal

amount left in my checking account: $56.43

books i am reading right now: 2

books that are in the mail to me: 2

days until we go out of town for memorial day: 3

days we will be out of communication from the world: 3


so now my mil isn't coming to my shower, either. that really surprises me. it's a different shower than the one that my mom isn't going to, but i still feel weird. she's the one who cries about the baby and makes such a huge deal that i'm pregnant with a girl and her first grandchild and the first grandchild of the family, for that matter.

she just emailed me asking when i'm free in july as her friends want to throw me a shower.

sidenote on this: i have mentioned this before, but she has this group of friends who pretend to be these high society ladies and no one has ever bothered to tell them that they're not. they gossip and talk about everyone in town and think they are the cat's ass. they are only friends because all their kids went to grade school together. no one can join their clique and no one can escape it, either. they're like stepford wives, only nastier. oh, and i'm not allowed to invite any of my friends to their functions, either.

anyhow, i told her i was not free on one friday and one saturday in july, the friday for hubby's birthday and the saturday for the shower a dear friend is throwing, which i told her she and the other ladies in the family would be invited to. she then told me that she and my fil are going to the family cabin for a week in july and will be leaving the day before so she will miss the shower. um, seriously? the day before? like she couldn't leave either after my shower or that following sunday? i guess not. it just sort of blows me away.

whew! what a weekend. we didn't do a whole lot, but it was soo hot that i'm extra drained. it's been at least 100 since wednesday, and it didn't even cool down at all on wednesday night ~ the coolest it got was 80! luckily, the fog has rolled in each night since so the evenings have been in the 60's.

anywho, yesterday we spent the day running errands, which was oh so much fun. only not. i had to get an oil change but they guys at the place in town are super cute, so i didn't mind waiting. later we both went to get flea collars for the kitties as we found a flea in the house the other day. other random errands were done then we spent the afternoon at hubby's granny's house and sat by the pool. let me tell you, floating in that pool was heavenly!

today hubby worked in the garden a bit then we headed to out to catch a baseball game with some friends. it was so hot, but a lot of fun. my girlfriend and i had to take a break and get out of the sun for a bit, but the boys were much tougher and stayed in the sun the entire time. i slathered myself in sun block several times throughout the game as i kept sweating it off.

my new bra arrived yesterday ~ the 34D ~ and it's a bit snug and i have to close it on the last hook, so really, i need a 36D instead. sigh.

i also ordered a new cell phone today. yipee! i have been checking out the refurbished phones and i was undecided between two different ones. today i went back and checked on them and one of the phones i was considering dropped in price so i knew i had to have it. i'm so excited. it should get it sometime this week. i really wanted to get an iphone, but i could just not justify the price, even on the refurbished ones. but i think i will really like the one i got.

next weekend we're heading up to hubby's family cabin and i'm really looking forward to it. we haven't been out of town for a while now and the cabin is so relaxing and peaceful so i am thrilled that we're going. it will just be the two of us, which will be extra nice.

well, i'm hungry and tired so i better get...

mom " so we have a few gifts for you from your aunt for the baby. we'll get them to you whenever we see you next."

me " well, i'll be down in june for my shower."

mom " ugh. june is so hot."

me " well, i need to have the shower before the baby is due. besides the shower is in hermosa beach so it will be cooler there."

mom " we're going to a wedding in june for a second cousin of yours that you don't know. "

me " um. okay. who is it and when are you going? "

mom " it's june 21 in kansas."

me " um..that's the same date as my shower. "

mom " well, he comes from an unstable family. you know, he was born out of wedlock. so i want to be there to support him."

me " so you're going to some guys wedding who you barely know instead of my shower?"

mom "you sound like you have a cold. are you sick? "

seriously. and you wonder why we're not close.


would you buy a refurbished cell phone from a reputable dealer ie: at&t, verizon, t-mobile? i'm looking to get a new phone since i need to give back my work phone when i leave and found some good deals on refurbished ones. what do you recommend?

i have a cold and don't like it one bit. i woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and sneezed all day long. i thought perhaps it was just allergies, but i am now convinced it is a cold. i did sleep well last night, though. i just feel crummy today. my head is all stuffy and full of cobwebs and my throat is still really sore. and i cannot stop sneezing. sigh. oh well. my asshat boss is off today and for that i am so glad. i don't really have much to do today, which sure helps with the being sick part.

last night as i went to bed, hubby decided to go with me, which is rare as he usually cuddles up on the couch and falls asleep there then gets himself to bed somewhere in the middle of the night. anyhow, he asked how the baby was doing and if she had been kicking recently. i told him she hadn't kicked in a little while and that she might be done for the night. well, he scooted over to me and put his hand on my belly and started talking to her...and she kicked! it was so sweet. she kicked about 5 times just for him.

i just had to buy a new bra as i'm busting out of my current one. i'm now up to a 34-d. yikes!

13 names i will not be naming little miss peanut:

1. brumhilda (my mother's suggestion)

2. bernadette ( my mother's suggestion)

3. mary katherine

4. virginia

5. victoria

6. elizabeth

7. kennedy

8. makenzie

9. ainsley

10. agnes

11. tiffany

12. chrystal

13. sharon


after much discussion last night, hubby convinced me not to go to the City tonight for the book reading that i really wanted to go to. he was concerned with me driving by myself and being in the City at 6 1/2 months pregnant.

even my argument that i drive the same distance to work each day and that we lived in the City for 2 years and that i grew up in a city didn't hold any weight with him. i told him to come with me, that perhaps he would enjoy the reading as well, but he didn't want to go. i finally relented, realizing that there are other battles that i would like to have and win. i am disappointed that i didn't get to go, but i do see his point ~ sort of.

and oddly enough, as soon as i left work today i was suddenly exhausted and took a nap as soon as i got home, so i would have been a mess had i tried to go to the reading. i guess it all worked out for the best.

hubby ended up coming home late and was only home about a half hour before he headed out to a meeting. i'm glad for the quiet.

little miss peanut has been kicking up quite the storm this evening and i'm in super comfy clothes, so i'm happy.

and thank god i'm on my meds again or else this wouldn't have been so easy to deal with!

cheer: at my doctor's appointment on wednesday, i was put back on my anti-anxiety meds. praise the jesus baby. i noticed the difference almost immediately. the midwife that i had met with said she was really surprised that my other doctor had taken me off of it as the kind i was on didn't have any side effects. and, since i had been on it for 7 years already, it wasn't so great for me to be off, either. i love my new doctor's office.

jeer: the weather was sunny but so cold yesterday. like, really cold. and windy.

cheer: my asshat boss is out today so it's just me in the office. whoot!

jeer: we still haven't received our economic stimulus check.

cheer: we bought baby furniture this weekend; a crib and mattress, a chest of drawers, a glider with an ottoman and a bob jogger so hubby can take little miss peanut on runs with him.

jeer: i am now blocked from listening to radio stations on the computer at work. damn big brother.

cheer: but, i am now able to get on msn messenger at work. anyone want to chat!?

jeer: we're having a garage sale on saturday and still have so much work to do.

cheer: i went online to place an ad in the paper for said garage sale, but realized it cost $20 to do so, so i emailed my friend at the paper and he placed the ad for me for free.


wow. i just sat through what had to be one of the most idiotic meetings. ever. my asshat of a boss was explaining that we need to be prepared for hard times. that there is this thing called a recession that we may experience.

really? no shit.

he then went on to say "i've never been through hard times in my life before. i was born in '65 and there has never been a recession since i've been alive."


did he miss the early 80's? or how about in the early 90's? or what about the recession in the 2000's that resulted as a combination of the dot com crash and about 9-11? my dad was laid off from his job in the early 90's and hubby was laid off from his job during the dot com crash, both due to the recessions at the time. good god. every day this guy is a bigger douche.

because i'm lacking in the creativity department today, here's a list of 13 things i am currently coveting:

1. an iphone. i have a super slick blackberry world edition that i use for work, but i will have to give that back once i am on maternity leave, so i will need a new phone.

2. tory burch revas ballet slippers. i just love the look of these shoes. they come in an array of colors and are so comfy.

3. penelope bedding from pottery barn kids. it's on my registry, but i really, really like it a lot. i think out of everything i've registered for, it's what i'd like the most.

4. i'd like to go away for a long weekend to santa barbara. it's my most favorite place to visit and it's been forever since i've been there.

5. pinkberry frozen yogurt. it's the yummiest frozen yogurt i've ever tasted.

6. to go to felicia sullivan's book reading next week in the City. this was such a great, well written book and i would just love to go and meet her.

7. i would love to start up a delivery of flowers from the best flower shop, ever, fleuressence. i had stopped getting flowers delivered a few months ago when money was a bit tight and never resumed delivery.

8. a kate spade diaper bag. currently this is the one i like the best, but there's always a new one out that catches my eye.

9. a new kate spade wallet. my current wallet is so worn and tattered that my credit cards keep falling out.

10. an ipod music interface for my volvo so my ipod will run seamlessly through the stero without having to use the odd shaped gadget that i currently have plugged into the dash.

11. the debra necklace in the wild rose design by the fabulous wendy brandes.

12. a trip to sedona to stay at l'auberge de sedona. we had planned a trip there last year, but i suddenly became unemployed and we had to cancel the trip.

a complete full day at the spa. i want to be totally pampered for hours on end.

One of my really good friends has recenty become involved as a volunteer camp counselor at Camp Hope California, a free weekend camp dedicated to helping young people who have recently experienced the loss of a parent or loved one.

Sadly, his dad died suddenly in 1979, when he was just 13 and about to enter high school. After his dad died, his longtime family friends took his family on a camping trip, with the idea of taking their minds off their recent loss. In talking to him he often will say that if it is a stretch to say that trip saved his life, it is not much of a stretch.

Recently there was an article in the Sacramento Bee (click to read the article) about this camp and my friend felt the need to go and take part in their program. He's told me that he instantly recognized the look on the brave young girl's face and decided to contact Camp Hope and see what he could do to help them. He will be attending their Spring camp in Livermore as a counselor during the first weekend in May.

Because he is such a great friend to me and because this is such a worthy cause, I would like to ask all of you who can do so to join me in helping support this very worthwhile cause by making a tax deductible contribution to Camp Hope.

Camp Hope is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, and your tax deductible donations can be made out to Dan Hebert Camp Hope.

Checks can be mailed to Camp Hope at:

7441 Foothills Blvd. Suite 175 PMB 75
Roseville, CA 95747

or you can donate online via your paypal account or a credit card.

Thank you for anything you can give, even if it is just kind thoughts of hope for this to be a great weekend for all involved.

i had to get some more maternity clothes yesterday because i have already grown out of some of the stuff i bought two months ago. sigh. luckily there was stuff on sale at old navy so i didn't spend too much. and i found a consignment store in town that has gently used baby clothes, furniture and maternity clothes, so i picked up a few items there as well. i'm just over buying maternity clothes! i only have so many options and i have to look nice for work, so it's a bit challenging. i did get a cute black tshirt at the consignment shop that says 'due in august' on the front in pretty script. now if only i could wear that every day so people would stop asking.

i seemed to have popped overnight. one day i was barely showing, and now it's like 'hello, baby belly'! i sort of have a mini fort of pillows that i sleep with each night, much to hubby's chagrin. i totally baracade myself in for some sort of comfort, but he's a bit convinced i'm doing that so he can't touch me. perhaps i let him think that, but it really is for the comfort.

i have now also begun to waddle, which is bizarre to me. one day i was walking fine, now i sort of sway from side to side. today i have ankles, yesterday they had disappeared for a while. i'm constantly looking down to see where i'm at with them. it just makes me feel funny when they disappear on me. i know it's due to heat and water retention, but still.

i also notice that i spill stuff on myself way more often because there is way more sticking out. even when i wash my hands, i always seem to get water droplets on my top. but i guess the chocolate stain on my crisp white blouse was because i was a messy chocolate bar eater this morning and not anything else...

weekend update.

ah, the weekend. it started out crummy but then ened up being okay. friday was payday but my check was not what it was supposed to be due to much miscommunication in my department, so i wasn't paid for a good chunk of time. all would have been fine, except when i brought it to the attention of the gal in the payroll department, she told me that it would be best for me to wait until the next pay period to get the amount which was owed to me. when i told her i needed the money right away as i had rent to pay, she told me she didn't feel like cutting me a check because she wanted to go home ~ it was only 3 pm by that time ~ and would have the check ready for my by the end of the month. seriously? you can't mess with people's pay. does she not realize that it's against the law to do that? obviously not. so, i had to cancel some plans for the weekend as i was out of cash. and i was pissed.

saturday was uneventful as i stayed home since i didn't have any spending money. i did run errands, but that's about it. later that evening i got a call from my folks that they were in town and would be stopping by for a light lunch on sunday. um..really? thanks for the notice. so not only am i out of money, i now have to make lunch for them and two other people they had along with them. and hubby was off this weekend hunting so i had no help from him. i pulled something together ~ which turned out quite good if i do say so myself ~ and we sat outside as the weather was nice. hubby showed up about a half hour before they left so he didn't have to entertain them too much. i was annoyed that he was gone so long, which was completly intentional on his part as he knew they were coming and didn't want to be around them.

luckily, they left relatively early and after cleaning the kitchen, i took a much needed nap. sunday evening we went to a friend's house for dinner, which was nice. we were both exhausted by the time we got home and were in bed pretty early. i am now at the uncomfortable stage of my pregnancy, which is a bit annoying as i can't sit, stand or lie for any lenght of time without changing positions.

this morning hubby commented how my arms are getting bigger (and with added chunk) and that i needed to start excercizing. i totally lost it only him. he apologized. but i'm still annoyed. people keep telling me you get pampered and taken care of when you're pregnant. i'm now 6 months along and still waiting for that to happen.

some sass.

a conversation that just happened in my office with one cute boy and two others standing by:

cute boy: "you look like you're ready to pop"

me: "well, i have a few more months to go, but i'm definitely showing now"

cb: "you look like you've gained some weight" looks at my boobs.

me: "yeah, and in all the right places." as i touch my belly and my boobs.

yes, boys and girs, i am getting my sass back. whew. it's about time. i was fearing i had lost it.

because i haven't done one of these in a while and because i know lisa really likes them, i give you a thursday thirteen.

here are thirteen things i want to do before little miss peanut arrives:

1. have brunch with my girlfriends more often.

2. spend a weekend in santa barabara.

3. spend a weekend in san luis obispo.

4. learn how to make a few new recipies for dinner (suggestions welcome!)

5. write enough short stories to send off to a publisher.

6. have something published on indie bloggers.

7. attend several book club meetings.

8. walk through the redwoods.

9. get my hair into a style i actually like.

10. put up framed photographs in the livingroom and bedroom.

11. figure out the household finances and decide my going back to work plan.

12. finish the nursery entirely.

13. put up curtains in the living room and make it prettier.


lately my mind has been racing with so many thoughts. racing more than usual, i guess i should say, as it's always motoring along. i have tried to write here so many times, but i feel so scattered that i never know where to start. so i am just going to ramble.

i've had nothing to do all weekend, which has been just great. the weather is cold and sunny but really windy so i can't do anything outside, which is a bit disappointing. i would really like to wash my car but i know as soon as i do, all the pollen that has been flying around will just land right back on my car. but, at least it's sunny and pretty out, even if i have to enjoy it from the inside.

i attacked my mini closet yesterday. i've been really down lately because nothing fits me anymore. yes, i realize that i am pregnant and that this is normal. i get that. it still doesn't mean that i have to like it. i literally went from having hundreds of options to about 10. i've already spent a ton on maternity clothes and i feel like i have nothing. and because my boobs have grown so much i can no longer fit into tops that i used to and that just blows. i mean, i knew my stomach would get big, but i didn't think my boobs would grow so much so fast and sadly, i know they haven't stopped growing yet, either. i have tons of great clothes that i can no longer wear and it makes me sad looking at all of them just hanging in my closet so i purged it all yesterday. i have a rolling storage thing in the closet that i keep winter coats in so i put a lot of my clothes that i can no longer wear in the garage. but there was still a ton of stuff that i haven't worn in forever, so i'm getting rid of all of that as well. we're planning to have a garage sale in about 3 weeks so i'll try selling some of my clothes then and the rest i will give to charity. i know i will be able to fit into some of the clothes again, but i know there will be a lot that i won't be able to wear anymore. before i even got pregnant, i was outgrowing some things and was frankly tired of the clothes i had. the hardest things to let go of are all my pairs of designer jeans. oh, i won't get rid of all of them, but i will have to let go of quite a few.

i'm so over where we live. i've actually never really liked living here, though it is quite beautiful. it's like a little piece of paradise. however, the people who live up here are the snobbiest, most pretentious people i have ever met. there is a ton of money up here and the people who live here are constantly trying to keep up with each other in the most unhealthy ways. and they're all 'new money' so they don't really have the concept of saving for a rainy day and live these completely ostentatious lives, which is so not me. thankfully, hubby feels the same way as i do and we are looking to move in the next year or so. we had wanted to move this year, but that was before we found out i was pregnant so now we have to wait. we definitely don't want to say and grow old here. there's absolutely nothing keeping us here, which makes moving all that easier.

my disdain for my mil has grown to hatred with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. really. it gets worse and worse each time i have to interact with her. she just boils my blood. people keep telling me i will be thankful for her once the baby is born. but really? that freaks me out to no end that she will be nearby. she is one of the least maternal people i know. she is cold and unloving. and incredibly judgmental. and bitter. and now she is behaving like this child that i am carrying is hers. i guess she has always wanted a girl and even told hubby's father that unless he could guarantee her a girl, she didn't want any more children because she was so sick of boys. she cries every time i see or talk to her about how excited she is about me having a girl. dude. it's not yours. get the fuck over it. the day we found out, we called her and she insisted we come over and show her the ultra sound pictures. both hubby and i were exhausted from the week and called that evening to say we wouldn't have time as we were leaving for the weekend and she pulled this total crying guilt trip on hubby so we had to go just to placate her. she again started in on the water works when we got there and gave us this hideous pink outfit for the baby. i was gracious about it but am so not looking forward to receiving other things from her. yes, i am being an ungrateful twit. but if you had to deal with her, you would be, too.

i'm really starting to get worried about how things will be after i give birth. i mean immediately afterwards, like the first two weeks or so. hubby isn't prepared in the least and he's not exactly the most caring person out there. okay, okay. he cares, but he just doesn't know how to show it. he's more into the ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away kind of mindset. and he also thinks i'm faking it when i tell him i'm not feeling well. i don't have any girlfriends nearby that i can call to help out and i know my parents won't be visiting me, either, with means i will have to rely on my mil. i am seriously concerned about this. i only have one girlfriend who i would call and she lives in LA and is a teacher and well, that just won't work. and besides, our house is so mini that no one would be able to stay with us, so asking anyone to come help would be out of the question because we can't afford to put someone up at a hotel.

i just finished reading the latest book by jhumpa lahiri called unaccustomed earth. she is by far my favorite author and her books always leave me wanting more. i love reading so much because it allows me to just melt away into another place and time. books have always been my greatest form of escape from the doldrums of everyday life. some girls i know in town just invited me to be part of their monthly book club and i'm thinking of joining. i missed the first meeting due to a migraine, but do want to participate in the next go round.

well, little miss peanut is doing gymnastics in my belly so i'm going to get up and move around a bit.

good times.

over the past few days i've stumbled across a few new blogs which have left me wanting more, so i thought i would share. nice of me, isn't it. heh.

first, to help me through my days at work at the dreaded job, i now read true office confessions many times throughout the day. i may even keep it open with my fingers on the alt-tab position just in case the evil boss man walks by so i can pretend i'm really working on a spreadsheet. it's good to know others are at dreaded jobs as well.

next i have found who what wear daily which is a fun site to gawk at more fashion that i can't afford. hey, at least a girl can dream, right?

and lastly but certainly not leastly, i have found jurgen nation which totally rocks. this chick writes well and i totally relate to a ton of what she has to say. today's post was about some great books i read growing up and now i want to go read them all again. she's also the moderator of indie bloggers and i swear one day i will have the courage to submit something.


is it wrong that i just double clicked my mouse at my desk while my boss was out of our office and that i could have totally been caught by someone walking by?

You Are A Little Snobby

And being a little snobby every once and a while is totally allowed.

Because if no one was ever snobby, no one would ever try to dress up or look pretty.

And while you do enjoy the finest things in life (that you can afford), you tire of superficiality.

You know there's more to life than what's just on the surface.

i no longer have ankles. i now have cankles. hubby is now calling me cankie. we spent the weekend in LA and it was SO HOT. like 94 degrees hot. my legs, feet and hands were swollen the whole time and i was a bit miserable. sigh.

we went home for a wedding. a very whiskey tango wedding. we left friday morning and arrived in sunny hot LA and headed straight to tommy's for a burger. mmm. we thought we would have a nice afternoon to relax on my parent's patio, but my father decided that we needed to leave 2 hours before the rehearsal dinner, which was a mere 25 miles away. seriously. he said there was an accident and didn't want to hit traffic. the accident had happened 4 hours before we had to leave. so, we arrived an hour and a half early. luckily we were able to convince him that we were NOT going to arrive that early as it was at the groom's parent's house and we didn't know the people. so instead, we sat at a dirty mcdonald's in the ghetto of whittier. nice.

we finally arrive at the dinner and proceed to sit around and wait for everyone else to show up because this family is always late. like hours late. we finally sit down to eat and neither hubby or i can stomach the food because it's so god awful ~ vats of grocery store lasagna and dry garlic bread ~ so we just sipped on soda. dessert was strawberry cupcakes with super sweet frosting, which neither of us could eat, either. we then headed to the church for the rehearsal but of course, we got lost because my father does not believe in asking for directions. we finally arrive and run through the ceremony. i'm doing a reading but they don't even make me practice it, which turns out to be fine, since the next day we are totally late to the wedding because my father, yet again, didn't want to ask for directions and we get there AFTER i am supposed to read. nice. so we sit in the back of the church while i am feeling absolutely awful for being so late and my dad just shrugs his shoulders at me, like it's no big deal. i don't even go up for communion, i feel so bad. at least i get to rest my swollen feet on the cool church floor.

after the ceremony, we have a 2 hour wait until the reception begins so we head to uptown whittier. my father wants to head to the reception early, but again, we convince him that it won't be ready. it is sweltering out and we ask to stop for water, but he is convinced that we if we head to the reception, there will be something for us there. finally, he pulls into a 7 eleven where we run into two guys who are total tweakers. and obviously gang members. i am totally scared. and normally i don't get scared but these guys are a mess. they finally leave and we pay and head out. we park totally far away from the reception and my legs and feet are killing me but, again, my father refuses to let us stop and rest. we arrive at the reception site and leave my folks and venture out to find something to eat. thank god we do because the reception doesn't start for several hours because the wedding party took pictures for 2 1/2 hours and didn't arrive until after 6 pm.

by 8:00 pm hubby and i are done, even though things are still barely getting started. i text my girlfriend and she is the bestest friend ever and comes and picks us up. my folks give me attitude for leaving and have absolutely no empathy for the fact that i am really uncomfortable. we leave and head to baskin robbins for a sweet treat. hubby and i are in bed a little after 10 pm.

the weekend was not a total loss, though. saturday morning we met up with my girlfriend (the same rockstar who rescued us later that night) and headed out to pasadena for brunch and shopping. oh and pinkberry. mmm.

we got home this afternoon and it's almost just as hot up here. my mother in law was supposed to take care of the kitties while we were gone, but we came home to them being totally out of food and water. and the scoop for the litter was still in the box. she also had bought some flowers, but since they were out of water, they had knocked over the vase, thus spilling water all over the mail, the kitchen table and the floor. she had obviously not been there today, which is pretty crappy seeing how it is in the upper 80's outside and did i mention the cats are out of water??? and she knew we wouldn't be here until late afternoon and she only lives 15 minutes away. sigh.

oh, great. now i have acid reflux. lovely. and atty just threw up. waa.

when my original ultrasound was cancelled on friday, march 28, i called my then doctor's office and let them know i would be changing providers and would be cancelling my appointment i had on april 1 because the appointment was useless without the ultrasound.

they then called me on tuesday, april 1 to ask if i was changing providers as they had received the paperwork from my new doctor requesting my medical records. again, i told them i was and gave them the name of my new doctor, which they also had on the paperwork that the new doctor's office had faxed to them.

i just got another call from them asking me if i was changing providers because they had received paperwork requesting my medical information to be sent to another doctor. oh, and it's the same girl that has called each time. seriously? so that means they have been sitting on my paperwork for a little over a week now, which is great because tomorrow i go into the new doctor for my ultrasound and he needs my previous medical records.

i am so, so glad that i have changed doctors!!!


the countown down is closing in...tomorrow we find out the sex of the peanut! oh oh oh i just felt a kick! so stay tuned....


I went shopping with one of my girlfriends yesterday for some sassy maternity clothes. i can no longer wear anything in my closet and it's making me so sad. like really sad. and i doubt i will ever be able to fit into it most of it again. (i was already starting to grow out of things before i got pregnant.)

anywho, it was time to find something new. and besides, i'm in a wedding next weekend where i'm doing a reading, so i had to find something that wasn't so frumpy. so, my first stop was mimi maternity where i found that darling dress below. i look so preggers in it!! then my girlfriend found the sassy top and i knew i had to have it. next came the sweater and a few tank tops, v-necks and scoop neck t's.

then we went to cole haan where i found those delicious shoes. they were a splurge, but so worth it. they have nike air cushions in the insole so it feels like i'm walking on air. i love them!

it was a much needed day of girl time. we started with brunch, had a mid afternoon snack and shopped until we literally dropped. it was great!


so i just talked to hr and i am only allowed 6 weeks off for maternity leave. 6 weeks is nothing! if i have a c-section, then i'm allowed 8 weeks. i will have been at my job one month shy of a year by the time i deliver, so there is nothing the state can do for me, either. to say this blows is an understatement. i really don't know what i'm going to do. i don't want to come back here, but i don't want to have to pay back insurance money, either. and i'm not quite sure how to ask that without totally tipping my hand. i did ask in a round about way and was told all i would have to do is write a letter, but i'm not so sure of the legal ramifications. i mean, i seriously doubt they would let me off that easily...

dear hubby

dear hubby,

why must you be such an asshat when you are tired? yeah, i get it. you work long hours and your job tends to be pretty stressful, especially right now. but really? i am so tired of you taking it out on me, especially when i'm trying to sleep. i do not appreciate how loud you are. i don't understand how you can be so inconsiderate, slamming around the house after it is clear that i have gone to sleep.

and when you come to bed at 3 in the morning because you have fallen asleep on the couch, it would be nice if you could quietly come to bed instead of being so obnoxiously loud. i know you need your inhaler before you lie down, but do you really have to yank open your dresser drawer, root around then throw it back in when you're done?

also, do you really have to force open the door so hard when you come in? i don't ever shut it entirely so the cats can come in and out, so there is never a need for you to push with all your might and make it slam to the wall.

and stop taking all the covers when you get in!

i would also really appreciate it if you kept your freaking mouth shut and refrained from yelling profanities at me when you wake up throughout the night. i'm sorry if i turn over now and then or bump into you. by no means does that give you the right to yell such gems as "knock your fucking shit off" "you need to go to the fucking couch" and "stop your fucking snoring, you are such a pain in the ass to sleep with". (for the record, i had no idea i was snoring, but i did wake up with a really stuffy nose, so i'm sure that was why i was snoring. because normally? i don't make a sound when i sleep and you know that.)

also? when my alarm goes off an hour after yours and you are still in bed, do not yell at me to get out of bed. it's not my fault you overslept and now want me to rush around. it actually makes me move slower.

and yes. i was especially annoyed with you this morning. i had pretty much been awake since 3 am when you came to bed. yes, i left early because i didn't want to deal with you anymore. and while i appreciate that you called me to apologize, this behavior repeats itself all too often so saying sorry to me just doesn't work anymore.

you need to reevaluate how you are acting. if you are so tired, go to bed. lying on the couch watching tv doesn't help you get a restful night of sleep. and the fact that you are getting up a the asscrack of dawn both days this weekend to hunt all day is only going to be disasterous and you know it. i would appreciate it if you would actually go to bed at a decent hour instead of being a hard headed jerk.

your incredably exhausted wife

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

being able to sleep in a big fluffy bed without waking up until i want to, then spending an afternoon outside in the sun on the coast with friends, all without a care in the world.

What is your greatest fear?

being alone and unloved.

Which historical figure do you most identify with?

i have no idea.

Which living person do you most admire?

my girlfriend lisa who quit a job that she didn't like, then moved to italy to pursue her dream of going to culinary school.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?


What is the trait you most deplore in others?

cattiness and extreme judgment

What is your greatest extravagance?

kate spade handbags, designer shoes and chanel makeup

What is your favorite journey?

the trip i took to the south with a girlfriend after college

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

virginity until marriage

On what occasion do you lie?

when the truth will hurt, and usually only if it's a white lie

What do you dislike most about your appearance?

my awful hair cut

Which living person do you most despise?

my new boss

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

"are you fucking kidding me?!" and "jesus fucking christ"

What is your greatest regret?

i try to live my life without regrets

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

my kitties

Which talent would you most like to have?

to be able to do math in my head

What is your current state of mind?


If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be?

only one thing? where do i start? i guess i would want them to have compassion, which they currently lack...

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

graduating from college

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?

i really have no idea

If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be?

a cat

What is your most treasured possession?

a sterling silver starfish necklace from tiffany's that i bought with my first paycheck from my first job post-college.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

at the very end of my drinking, when i didn't want to be alive anymore.

Where would you like to live?

on the coast

What is your favorite occupation?

i'm still searching for it.

What is your most marked characteristic?

my spunky nature

What is the quality you most like in a man?

intelligence and a quick wit

What is the quality you most like in a woman?


What do you most value in your friends?

loyalty, wit, and the ability to come forth with close criticism, but in a kind way.

Who are your favorite writers?

jodi picoult, mary karr, jhumpa lahiri, tom robbins, joyce carol oates

Who is your favorite hero of fiction?

alice in wonderland

Who are your heroes in real life?

people who stand up for what they belive in, even if no one belives in them.

What are your favorite names?

it changes every day!

What is it that you most dislike?

people who are ignorant

How would you like to die?

painlessly and in my sleep.

What is your motto?

life is short. live without regrets.

first off, thank you, kind people, who have made me feel so much better about the nasty email that was sent to me. to say it shook me up is an understatement. at no point did i ever regret saying those things about the hospital, nor do i feel ashamed of my emotions. i feel i have every right to say and feel those things. i have had many horrible experiences at said hospital, so i feel even more justified at being angry. and to be told that my "harsh opinions" should not be shared was absolutely ridiculous. as a good girlfriend pointed out " well, I would want to know why I shouldn't go there. I don't want to go to a hospital that gives crappy service." my point exactly. so see, i was definitely not just being a pissy angry pregnant chick.

here are just a few examples of what we have recently experienced: when i had my awful accident back in november and was taken to emergency, i was barely looked over, regardless of the fact that i had a giant goose egg forming on my right temple. when i voiced my concern about my ever growing bump and bloodshot eyes, i was given the look of " oh, please, you patheic girl" and told i would be fine. several days later i was taken to a different hospital near my work due to my arms, legs and face going completly numb. turns out i had suffered a concusion during my accident that the hospital overlooked in their rush to get me out the door.

another time, hubby was suffereing from a severe athsma attack and when he asked for an x-ray to be done of his lungs, ~ he's very prone to getting phenomonia ~ the doctor flat out refused, saying he was " just trying to save us money". we finally got in a pissing contest with him and he relented. turns out hubbys lungs were 3/4 the way full with fluid, and he did, in fact, have phenomonia. nice. we have insurance ~ and good insurance, at that~ and are also willing to pay for things out of pocket when necessary, so it's not like we are being difficult patients.

i could seriously go on and on. there has not been one time where we have had a good experience at that hospital, nor have many of our friends and family who have also gone there. yes, i know things have now worked out, but my point is i feel completly justifed by my reaction on friday to the inital cancellation call and my reaction to the nasty email on monday. and out of all the people i have told, only two people have been nasty back. coincidently, they are two motherless ladies in aa, both of whom lectured me on my anger, saying that it was bad to harbor such feelings. really? so you should never get angry about anything? last time i checked, anger was a normal emotion....but i digress.

even hubby, who is pretty hard core in aa, thought the email was out of line. he, too, agreed that i didn't need to justify my emotions or opinions on the issue, and frankly agreed with everything that i had said and done and was actually impressed that i had restrained myself so much when talking to the hospital ~ i ended the converstaion with the bitchy receptionist who had given me attitude the whole time, and actually had the audacity to tell me that i wasn't the only person who was being rescheduled three weeks out and this was typical by saying " that's fucking ridiculous" and hanging up ~ thank the jesus baby on that, because if he didn't agree, i would have bitch slapped him into next week. um...wot?

anyhow, i've been in a bit of a mood this week ~ surprise, surprise. this incident sure put things into perspective for me. it's interesting what makes people react in the ways they do. i also know that i will never confide in her ever again, as i don't need harsh judgement and critisism from somone who i thought was supposed to care about my well being. it's one things to disagree with me in a totally tactful way, but not to cut me down and make me feel like crap. i really value the opinions of my friends ~ not that i ever considered her one, but regardless ~ especially when we disagree on things. but i expect them to give me the same respect that i give to them. and while i don't always see eye to eye with my friends, i don't ever 'bitch slap' them and give them my 'better than you' opinion, even if i am better. totally kidding. i'm not better than anyone. wellll...okay, okay...i'm not.

hubby once commented that the reason i don't have any adult women who i am close to is because i don't let them in, that i'm too guarded. well, if they treat me the way this 'sponsor' did, i don't go back for seconds. and i have a lot of wonderful friends my own age, so while it would be nice to have a few ladies who are older as friends, i'm certainly not crying a river over not having any.

and sadly, this whole experience lives an even more bitter taste in my mouth about aa. it is said that once you become sober, you learn how to deal with your emotions and you can feel things that you had been repressing with alcohol for so long. well, it seems very aparant to me, that by feelings, they mean anything that is happy, nothing harsh, sad or upsetting. but really, what is life without the ups and downs? you can't be happy all the time. sure, you don't want to be sad, but it's totally unrealistic to think happiness is the only way to live. of course i always want to be positive and optimistic, but it's not always realistic. shit happens. and then you deal with it, the best way you know how. so what if it's to get angry? now, if i was angry all the time and constantly threw temper tantrums, maybe that would be something to look into. but seriously? i don't know the last time i was so angry that i saw red, and dammit, i was justified. so there.

* cyndi lauper

i received this email this morning from my 'sponsor'. seriously, are you fucking kidding me? oh, gee. i guess i should never get upset, never let anything bother me and continue to keep everything that bothers me inside. ahh. wait. i used to do that and that lead me to drink all the time....

Good morning,

I HOPE by now that the anger and resentment you had on Friday has been prayed away. We ask God to remove our defects of character. Life doesn't go our way. But, I learned in AA that if there is something upsetting me, then I need to take a look at why. Step 4 teaches me how to take a look at our part and see what the anger and resentment effects. I learn that we need to take "blame" out of the situation.
That fact the you don't like the Hospital is your opinion and it shouldn't be expressed so harshly to others. The conversation with your doctor's office was full of anger and resentment. Think how you would have felt being at the receiving end of the phone conversation when you swore at the receptionist. That was not appropriate behavior. Step 10 says, when we were wrong to promptly admit it.
As it worked out, you now have a good doctor and will deliver the baby at the hospital you really wanted to from the beginning. That is when I say "thanks God".
After we complete the 12 steps, we commence to live them in our daily life. Now, go and have a grateful day!



Well, I was hoping to send out delightful news today about my ultrasound results and what we are having, BUT, I received a phone call today saying there wasn't a tech available to do my ultrasound at the hospital ~ an appointment which I had schedule one month ago ~ and that the earliest they can get me in is in 3 weeks. Needless to say, I will not be rescheduling with the WORST HOSPITAL IN THE WORLD. I also called my doctor to see what my options are, and sadly, he only delivers at THE WORST HOSPITAL IN THE WORLD so I also need to find a new doctor today.

To say that I am upset is the understatement of the year. I am not sad, but very, very frustrated. Pissed, is more like it.

I will let you know as more develops....

UPDATE: my mil gave me the name of the doc that delivered both hubby and his brother. i have an appointment with him on monday. his office is next to a great hospital about 15 miles from home. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this goes well. unfortunately this appointment will be just a general one without a sonogram, but i'm hoping to have one soon. i'm sure this other hospital will have more than one tech on staff so it shouldn't be a problem....i hope.

i want to cry. i want to scream. but mostly, i want to curl up into a ball and hide under the covers with my cat.

i moved into a new office with my newish boss yesterday and to say it's been awful is a bit of an understatement. my other boss can no longer run interference since it's just me and the other guy in this tiny room. he's very condescending and is right about everything. he also loves to throw me ~ and others ~ under the bus. it's very tiring and annoying. and while i know i'm a smart girl, he has this uncanny way of making me feel like an idiot. i know it shouldn't stress me out, but it does. and since i can't take any of my meds, it really sucks even more. yes, i totally miss not being on lexapro and ativan. they help me an amazing amount and not being able to take them is really hard. i miss the sense of calm and wellbeing they bring me.

i do my best at dealing with my inner demons but sometimes it gets to be too much and i just want to run away from it all. but i know i can't. and i won't. i feel so alone. and tired. and often scared.

hubby doesn't understand so i don't bother trying to talk to him about how i'm feeling anymore. he always tells me i'm feeling sorry for myself, which i'm usually not. he has no understanding of depression and pretty much thinks i make it up whenever i'm saying i'm feeling down. for me, feeling down doesn't mean i'm feeling sorry for myself. it means a lot of things, but it's just too overwhelming at times. like right now.

a success!

brunch was a hit. there was no stress, no frustration, no bickering and best of all, no drunkenness.

my menu ~ bacon and potato frittata, mixed green salad with honey-orange dressing, asparagus, spring onion and mushroom saute, buttermilk-apricot scones, blackberry, peach and blueberry salad with a yummy dressing ~ was loved by everyone. this was especially exciting because hubby's family is REALLY picky. and it was the first time i had made any of the recipes, so i was stoked that everyone loved it all.

i had also gone to see's and picked up some extra easter treats for everyone, which were also gobble up quite quickly. i decided not to be extra fussy and used my every day dishes and serving platters instead of getting out the good stuff.

granny stayed behind to help with the dishes, which was much appreciated as we don't have a dishwasher and there were a TON to do.

after everyone left, hubby and i sat outside for a while and soaked up the beautiful sunshine. i'm even sunburned! we then took a long walk to work off our big meal. luckily we have leftovers, so i don't have to do a darn thing for dinner.

now if only i didn't have to go to work tomorrow...

an easter funny.

obviously i'm in a very indecisive mood. i didn't get much sleep last night ~ for no reason at all, i just couldn't sleep ~ and i've been a bit of a wreck all day. i'm still in a weird fussy place and can't seem to shake it. i do hope it goes away soon as i'm really tired of feeling this way. at least it's one day closer to the weekend...

so should i keep this new background, or should i see what else is out there?

girlie goodies.

so i broke down this weekend and decided to treat myself to some goodies. first, i bought moisturizer, as recommended by gina. and i'm so glad i did. this stuff is amazing. it has a nice, light scent and has just the right consistancy. it blends in right away and makes my skin feel lovely.

i then decided to treat myself to some other goodies. now normally i'm a benefit gal with splashes of tarte, philosophy, mac and stila thrown in for good measure. this was my first venture into chanel for makeup ~ well except for a few bottles of nailpolish ~ and so far i love it!

this little sploch is the color gloss i got, though it comes in that tube.

this is the fun spring palate of eyeshadow colors and a new black mascara, which i really needed.

all in all i'm really happy with my purchases. i've already received two comments on how i'm glowing. people are convinced it's because i'm pregnant, but i know it's because i'm taking the time to actually do my makeup again and i learned a few tricks while i was at the counter at nordy's. it's really amazing what taking a little time in the morning will do.

so what about you? what is the last thing you splurged on that made you feel extra girlie?


so i recently went from thinking no one was going to throw me a shower to 4 different people throwing me showers! a few weeks ago one of my bff's asked to throw me a shower at home in LA and over the weekend my mil said her friends would be throwing me a joint shower with another girl in july.

~ sidenote on this: my mil has a crazy group of friends called the gum's, which means generally unaceptable mothers. they are the mothers of all the kids that hubby grew up with, and are a group of women who were never told they are no longer sorority girls. to say they are a bit obnoxious is an understatement, especially since their biggest thrill in life is competing with each other. the joint shower is because another wife of one of hubby's friends is about 2 weeks behind me. ~

then today another bff asked if she can throw me a shower where i live (she lives a little over an hour away so we're going to have the shower at my house) and shortly after that a girl from work asked if she could throw me one, too. i really am feeling the love today, and it started out as such a crummy day...

it's really nice, too, because there will be totally different people at each shower and i'm so glad it worked out this way. i'm looking most forward to the ones my bff's are thowing me since all my close friends will be invited to those and since everyone lives somewhere other than where i live, it will be an extra special treat.

now i really need to get working on my registries!!


i went shopping with my mil this weekend and the topic of easter came up. we haven't done easter together in a few years as eveyone in the family has had seperate plans. this actually worked out pretty well for us since most of these whole extended family gatherings end up being really annoying and obnoxious.

anywho, mil suggested a mid afternoon dinner at her house with just hubby, me, his parents and both grandmothers. after a bit of thought, hubby and i thought it would be nice to do brunch at our house instead.

i'm actually looking forward to doing brunch as it has been forever since i have entertained and it's something i really like doing. besides, mil is a freaking disaster on even small family gatherings. she goes into this crazy freak out mode and is usually drunk before we even eat. plus, i'm really not a fan of her "cooking". so, this way, i can be in charge and have a nice, pleasant afternoon.

i called my girlfriend who does amazing floral arrangements and put in my order so my house will look pretty. i have researched some tasty brunch recipes for something a little bit different. and i will get out my china, crystal and sterling for that extra special touch. and i have all day saturday to prepare everything so i won't have to be stressed on sunday morning.

what do you have planned for easter?

i saw this on my new favorite author's blog and thought it was something fun to start the week off with. and while i'm not going to tag anyone, please let me know if you decide to play along, too!

On your nightstand now: keeping faith by jodi picoult

Favorite book when you were a child: where the red fern grows by wilson rawls when i was real young then alice in wonderland by lewis carroll when i was a bit older and the flowers in the attic series by v.c. andrews when i hit about jr high.

Your top five authors: jodi picoult, mary karr, jhumpa lahiri, tom robbins, joyce carol oates

Book you’ve faked reading: a heartbreaking work of staggaring genius by dave eggers. i have picked it up time and time again, yet i just can't get through it.

Books you are an evangelist for: liar's club and cherry by mary karr

Book you’ve bought for the cover: the crimson petal and the white by michel faber. it just looked intriguing with the lush red velvet curtains pushed aside to reveal a disheveled white bed that had obviously just seen a scandolous romp. i was also drawn by the title and the magnitue of the book looked like something i could sink my teeth in.

Book that changed your life: skinny legs and all by tom robbins and the liar's club by mary karr

Favorite line from a book: "Be what you would seem to be -- or, if you'd like it put more simply -- Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise." as said to alice by the dutchess in alice to wonderland by lewis carroll

Scene in a book that made you terrified of marriage: “I firmly believed that if I had picked up a rifle and gone on a murdering rampage, I would have still had the benefit of her unblinking love. Because I have rid her heart of its greatest malady. I had relieved her of the greatest fear of every Afghan mother: that no honorable khastegar would ask for her daughter’s hand. That her daughter would age alone, husband-less, childless. Every woman needed a husband. Even if he did silence the song in her.” from the kite runner by khaled hosseini

Book you most want to read again for the first time: the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald

after the wise one commented on the post below, i decided to heed his advice and listen to my favorite boys. since i didn't have any of their music with me at work, i decided to have a looksee at what i could find online and discovered rhapsody. omg. that is hands down the best music site evah! i am now rocking out to the best feel good music evah. my frustration, anger and general discomfort is slowly melting away. ahhhh.

and thanks to three of my girlfriends who helped keep me from drowning in helplessness today. two of them texted with me for quite a while and one met me for a coffee break. i have been having a tough time lately and feel like i'm just getting by. no real reason, just in a bit of a funk. feeling a bit low and unloved. i'm sure it's mostly in my head but i haven't been able to shake this feeling. i'm keeping my chin up and moving forward, though. but it sure nice to have people reach out just because. so, thanks, friends. i really do appreciate it.

mother " well, you know how jared's wife is pregnant?"

shell " yes."

mother " you don't know the whole story. you probably don't want to know. "

shell " um, yeah, i do. so tell me. "

mother "well they found out the child has down syndrome."

shell " oh no. that's just awful"

mother " that pregnancy needs to be terminated. i couldn't handle that. i don't know why she is insisting on keeping the pregnancy going. they already have one special needs child (jared has one from his first marriage) and that child shouldn't have lived this long. now they are going to bring another child into the world? that's just terrible."

sitting there, staring at my mother while being 4 1/2 months pregnant myself, i had no response.

okay, ladies. i need your help. i recently ran out of my moisturizer and have decided it's time to try something new (and the one i was using i got at the salon that i got that awful haircut at so i don't want to go back). but, i'm having a hard time finding one i like. i recently bought 'hope in jar' from philosophy, but i don't really like it. it smells funny and is a little too light for me. i then bought a basic moisturizer from oil of olay, but i'm not really into that one, either. i had creme de la mer for a while but it's so expensive and i know other brands will work just as well.

so can you help me out? what do you use/recommend?


last night hubby left for a business trip so i had the house to myself. i sure can make a mess fast! i didn't do the dishes and left my dinner mess on the counter, left clothes on the floor and blankets on the couch.

i trolled the internets for a good long time while watching law and order. i tried to get into some of the other shows that were on, but i just lost interest too quickly. i did start watching the real housewifes of new york city, though. geesh. talk about some crazy high maintenence broads! some of these gals just didn't realize they were no longer in their twenties. but, it did make for some pretty entertaining television.

i turned the heater on higher than normal and cuddled with the kitties all night.

i so did not want to get out of bed this morning. but, i managed. i even got to work on time. heh. but, as usual, our computers don't want to play nice. they have been crashing nonstop since last wednesday. to say it's annoying would be the understatement of the year. sometimes they crash for a few minutes then other times they are down for a few hours. i'm getting really good at playing brickbreaker on my blackberry.

there is this person that i know of. i do not know him personally, anymore. i knew him at one time and mostly through a friend. a friend who is very near and dear to me. this person is evil from every ounce of his being. even if there was some good in him at one point, it has long since whithered away. he's in a place now that is appropriate for a person like him. i check up on him from time to time to make sure he stays there, that his ruling has not been overturned, that he hasn't been able to talk his way out. though i can't ever seem to find a date that will end his time on earth, and i know that date will come, i am glad that he is at a place where he can no longer cause harm. but something in my latest search really bothered me. this horrible person has gotten married. i never can understand the women who seek out the demented and want to marry them. now, this person didn't just do one bad thing. he did a lot of bad things and luckily got caught when he did. this 'bride' of his has to know what he did to get caught, but i'm sure he convinced her that he's a great person despite his heinous actions. i'm sure he also failed to mention what a prick he was, but then again, he was a good manipulator. i guess i should just be satisfied that he is where he is and that he has no chance of leaving. i just don't like that he's able to have a relationship, even if he isn't telling all his truths.

* there are more fast food restaurants than any other kind of eatery. pretty much every corner has one. i never did see a deli or health food store.

* there are also a lot of mid-class greasy places like applebees, chilis and outback steakhouse.

* people there love to drive big, beefy pick up trucks with huge lift kits and enormous tires. the men who live there must have really small penises.

* there are also a ton of strip clubs and adult stores all over the area, not just in a specific section of town. but really seedly looking places.

* there are dive bars aplenty. really seedy dive bars.

* oddly, there are also tons of tanning salons. i guess when the sun doesn't shine for one or two days, people freak out.

* gas is a lot cheaper there than in nor cal. guess that's good for all the beefy pick up trucks.

* strip malls are everywhere. so are big box stores like walmart and target, which are usually in the strip malls.

now, don't get me wrong. i really do like arizona. i've been a bunch of times, though for the most part it has been to northern arizona where the landscape and people a bit different. i've hiked the grand canyon, been thru tons of ghost towns, spent time in the painted desert and the peterified forest. i enjoy the weather in the spring when it's not so hot as in the summer. i love the colors of the landscapes and sunsets and all the fantastic turquoise jewlery. i'm just not too fond of the super seediness that is the phoenix area. and yes, i do realize there are nice parts, like northern scottsdale. i'm just talking about the area as a whole. and it's my opinion, so there!

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