so now my mil isn't coming to my shower, either. that really surprises me. it's a different shower than the one that my mom isn't going to, but i still feel weird. she's the one who cries about the baby and makes such a huge deal that i'm pregnant with a girl and her first grandchild and the first grandchild of the family, for that matter.

she just emailed me asking when i'm free in july as her friends want to throw me a shower.

sidenote on this: i have mentioned this before, but she has this group of friends who pretend to be these high society ladies and no one has ever bothered to tell them that they're not. they gossip and talk about everyone in town and think they are the cat's ass. they are only friends because all their kids went to grade school together. no one can join their clique and no one can escape it, either. they're like stepford wives, only nastier. oh, and i'm not allowed to invite any of my friends to their functions, either.

anyhow, i told her i was not free on one friday and one saturday in july, the friday for hubby's birthday and the saturday for the shower a dear friend is throwing, which i told her she and the other ladies in the family would be invited to. she then told me that she and my fil are going to the family cabin for a week in july and will be leaving the day before so she will miss the shower. um, seriously? the day before? like she couldn't leave either after my shower or that following sunday? i guess not. it just sort of blows me away.


  1. Maybelline Jones said...
    The best advice I can give you (from someone who knows and has been there, unfortunately) is focus on yourself, your baby and your husband, since that is your main support system. Don't let the nasty mothers and MIL's and whoever else ruin your positivity or even your day. THEY'RE NOT WORTH IT. Have fun and take care.


    H. said...
    Ewww. I know those types of women. We called them the Circle of Service at church and they were just eeeeeevil.
    Gypsy said...
    Jeez, not likes it's an important time or anything. {hugs}

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