would you buy a refurbished cell phone from a reputable dealer ie: at&t, verizon, t-mobile? i'm looking to get a new phone since i need to give back my work phone when i leave and found some good deals on refurbished ones. what do you recommend?


  1. Anonymous said...
    given the global ubiquity of cell phones, buying a used one is pretty ghetto fabulous. who know what type of ear mung might be stuck up in there. seriously.

    Just get a new one, and hook yourself up with a "Hungry Like the Woof" ringtone.
    jackarandabush said...
    well... i don't know if my opinion matters - but i sold my old cell phone on ebay and made a CHUNK 0 CHANGE... so that tells me that people will pay mondo moola for used phones. :)

    fyi: i am not a reputable dealer

    wish i knew you needed a new phone - i would've made you a sweet deal shell! FREE!

    love ya... and the baby in your belly!

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