nothing of importance.

i have a cold and don't like it one bit. i woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and sneezed all day long. i thought perhaps it was just allergies, but i am now convinced it is a cold. i did sleep well last night, though. i just feel crummy today. my head is all stuffy and full of cobwebs and my throat is still really sore. and i cannot stop sneezing. sigh. oh well. my asshat boss is off today and for that i am so glad. i don't really have much to do today, which sure helps with the being sick part.

last night as i went to bed, hubby decided to go with me, which is rare as he usually cuddles up on the couch and falls asleep there then gets himself to bed somewhere in the middle of the night. anyhow, he asked how the baby was doing and if she had been kicking recently. i told him she hadn't kicked in a little while and that she might be done for the night. well, he scooted over to me and put his hand on my belly and started talking to her...and she kicked! it was so sweet. she kicked about 5 times just for him.

i just had to buy a new bra as i'm busting out of my current one. i'm now up to a 34-d. yikes!


  1. WendyB said...
    I hate colds. Feel better!
    Sally said...
    wait til you start nursing -- i'm popping out of my DD!

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