weekend ramblings.

whew! what a weekend. we didn't do a whole lot, but it was soo hot that i'm extra drained. it's been at least 100 since wednesday, and it didn't even cool down at all on wednesday night ~ the coolest it got was 80! luckily, the fog has rolled in each night since so the evenings have been in the 60's.

anywho, yesterday we spent the day running errands, which was oh so much fun. only not. i had to get an oil change but they guys at the place in town are super cute, so i didn't mind waiting. later we both went to get flea collars for the kitties as we found a flea in the house the other day. other random errands were done then we spent the afternoon at hubby's granny's house and sat by the pool. let me tell you, floating in that pool was heavenly!

today hubby worked in the garden a bit then we headed to out to catch a baseball game with some friends. it was so hot, but a lot of fun. my girlfriend and i had to take a break and get out of the sun for a bit, but the boys were much tougher and stayed in the sun the entire time. i slathered myself in sun block several times throughout the game as i kept sweating it off.

my new bra arrived yesterday ~ the 34D ~ and it's a bit snug and i have to close it on the last hook, so really, i need a 36D instead. sigh.

i also ordered a new cell phone today. yipee! i have been checking out the refurbished phones and i was undecided between two different ones. today i went back and checked on them and one of the phones i was considering dropped in price so i knew i had to have it. i'm so excited. it should get it sometime this week. i really wanted to get an iphone, but i could just not justify the price, even on the refurbished ones. but i think i will really like the one i got.

next weekend we're heading up to hubby's family cabin and i'm really looking forward to it. we haven't been out of town for a while now and the cabin is so relaxing and peaceful so i am thrilled that we're going. it will just be the two of us, which will be extra nice.

well, i'm hungry and tired so i better get...


  1. WendyB said...
    Getting some big boobs there ;-)
    A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...
    This is all so exciting...a baby girl! Congrats, the next couple of months will fly by.

    As weird as this sounds - if the bra mostly fits you can get an extender at Joann's Fabric or other sewing place. Saves money and time. Your just book it in the hooks already on the bra strap.

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