so today i had another litany of tests done. this time i went to see a cardiologist. i've had a goofy heart beat for some time now and i've been on beta blockers for it for several years. well, my ob feels that i should not be on it for my last trimester as it can increase the chances of little miss peanut being small at birth. so, i went off them.

today i had an ekg and some other random heart tests that prove that i do, in fact, have a mini heart murmur. so, more tests need to be done. sigh. in a week i have to wear a halter monitor for 24 hours which will see what my heart is doing. then i have to get more blood work done. then i have to get a heart sonogram. but, the cardiologist was super nice and seemed very knowledgeable. he also agreed that i should be off the beta blockers and was glad that my ob took me off of them. he said i will notice my heart race more, but that should be just more of an inconvenience to me than anything else.

my appointment lasted for almost 2 hours. so, as a treat, i went to jamba juice afterwards. mmm.

and while i was at my appointment today, i got the results back from my glucose test from yesterday. i had to drink that flat orange soda stuff and wait for an hour and then have blood drawn. yummy. well, turns out i DON'T have gestational diabetes. Yay!! but, i do have slight anemia, so i will need to take a daily iron tablet. but, that's okay. i would rather be a bit anemic than diabetic.

but really, i would just like for all of these tests to be done!

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  1. Sally said...
    Wow! I can't believe you're 29 weeks already! You're doing great. I'm gald the glucose test came back ok. Keep us posted on the rest of it!

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