weekend update.

my weekend recap will be short and sweet. we left town around 7 pm so we missed a good deal of traffic. we filled up about half way there to make sure we had enough gas to make it up the mountain and it was an astronomical $4.25 a gallon for regular! YIKES.

along the way it started raining. nothing heavy, but rain nonetheless. we arrived around 10:30 pm to snow and cold. luckily the cabin has several space heaters which we plugged in and went straight to bed.
check me out in my j-lo outfit as soon as we arrived.

since the weather was stormy all weekend, we stayed in bed or hung out in the living room by the fire. at one point we went into town ~ a term a use loosely as there are only 25 year round residents ~ and hubby had to tie my tennis shoes for me as i can no longer reach my feet!!

i read two books over the 3 days and relaxed a whole bunch. all the swelling that i had the week before had gone away completely. i'm almost ready to go back to work tomorrow. almost!

oh, and here i am when we got home this evening in our garden. i can't believe i'm 7 months along!!


  1. Sally said...
    Ooohh...you're so cute!! Love the belly!
    Anonymous said...
    Wow. Extremely nice cans.

    omfg. wot??

    Anonymous said...
    but seriously folks...you look great. youre glowing in this pic.

    just one kvestion though: wtf is that owl-ish looking dude sitting on the mound of dirt behind you????
    Maybelline Jones said...
    You are absolutely adorable!!
    Gina said...
    You are so cute!
    Gypsy said...
    You look so blooming fantastic! :)

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