thursday thirteen.

13 mom characteristics/traits/items that frighten me:

1. mom jeans. please shoot me if i am EVER seen in a pair.

2. mom hair. again, just shoot me.

3. driving a mini van. an suv or a station wagon is fine. however, a mini van is not.

4. being a soccer mom.

5. the stay at home mom who gives up on life and has a midlife crisis at 40.

6. being a stepford wife.

7. trying to act and dress like she is 20, when really she is over 40.

8. being a mommy blogger as the only means of interaction with the real world.

9. living their life vicariously through their children to the point of pushing their child to do things they don't really want to do, like play certain sports, participate in pageants and play instruments.

10. on that note, pageant moms.

11. spending ridiculous amounts of money on a child's birthday party as if it were a wedding.

12. not being able to cook a single meal unless it consists of putting something in the microwave or adding boiling water. seriously. read a freaking cookbook. it isn't hard.

13. going out and partying at all hours, forgetting they are even a mom.


  1. WendyB said...
    I'm always terrified that I'll accidentally end up with mom hair.
    H. said...
    I had a friend just spend $1500 on her (only) child's birthday party. Um....yeah.
    Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...
    Holy crap! You just described me to a tee! Which makes # 10 all the more terrifying seeing as I have 2 sons, one 18 and one 15.

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