by the numbers.

my new bra size: 36-d

friends who have given birth so far this year: 7

friends who will give birth later this year: 3

months until i give birth: 3

baby showers i will have within the next two months: 4

baby showers my mother will attend: 0

baby showers my mil will attend: 1

price i paid to fill up my car today with unleaded gas: $3.99/gal

price i paid for a gallon of milk yesterday: $2.99/gal

amount left in my checking account: $56.43

books i am reading right now: 2

books that are in the mail to me: 2

days until we go out of town for memorial day: 3

days we will be out of communication from the world: 3


  1. H. said...
    $3.99 for gas??? That's INSANE!
    Sally said...
    Your milk is WAY cheaper than ours! I paid $3.65 a few days ago...and I'm surprised your gas is only 3.99, ours is up to $3.63 so I figured you would be over 4!

    Have a blast being incommunicado! Hope you have great weather.
    Gina said...
    No communications for three days sounds sort of heavenly, actually.

    I'm sorry you are having problems with the moms in your life.
    Gypsy said...
    I need a raise to pay for all this gas and milk! ;)

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