so i forgot to add that this weekend i went to my most favorite shop....the paper rabbit. it's just fantastic. i have been going there ever since i was a wee jute, about knee high to a grasshopper. they have the best paper supplies and great ideas there, so no trip home is complete without a visit. this visit, however, i dropped some serious cash. so between the art store on friday and the paper rabbit on saturday, i've got a lot of supplies. (okay, okay, so a t-shirt and 2 stuffed bunnies aren't supplies...but everything else is!)

i've already created a few cards since i got home today. i'm thinking that if i get good enough at them, i can sell them at local businesses around town. that's a long term goal, but it may not be so far off. there are a few little boutique type places here that i may be able to get into. also the salon that i go to might be a good option for me as well.

and i'm going to start seriously writing. one of my girlfriends called me 'a prolific writer' this weekend and i was so plesantly surprised that she would say such kind words. writing here definitly keeps my writing juices flowing.

a girl that went to grad school with c published a book last summer, so i'm going to talk to her to see what she did to get a publisher and so on. it's scary and exciting all at the same time. she published a 'chic lit' book and as i read it, i knew that i could do better. not trying to sound egotistical, of course. i just mean that i know i can do it and i believe that i can write better than she can and since she got published, that means i have a fighting chance as well. now i just have to get my act together and get on with it!!!

the best part, though, is that c is behind me 100%. he knows that my life is much more on the creative side than anything stuctured, so he's not worried about me quiting my job to persue something else. Yeah! but, i do have to prove to him that i am serious and will make some money, so it's not like i can run out and quit...yet.


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