my shopping trip with my mother-in-law was just fine. we went to yountville since she had a few gift certificates and wandered around vintage 1870, a touristy type place. i got this fun's made entirely out of seat belts! it's very cool.

i also got some fun lights...two strands of white twinkle lights with leaves around the bulb made to look like flowers. hard to describe, but very pretty. i hung them over my two windows in my office at home. hopfully the kitty won't nibble on them!

i also got a fun yellow polo shirt from jcrew with embroidered green flip flops on the side where a polo pony would go. today i went back and got some great cole haan shoes. i got a great deal on them...only $56 from an original price of $135. and they are loafers, part patient leather, part regular super soft leather, with white stitching. mil used her gift certificates on my handbag and flower lights.

very nice of her. very nice, indeed.

we lunched at a mexican place that was very tasty. she had a non-alcoholic beer with me ~flowergirl always says "what's the point of that!"~ when i think about ordering one, and she's right, but it did hit the spot this time. :) i was frankly surprised that mil would have one.

today c and i got up early and did the hit the road jack race in town. he did the 10k and i did the 2.2 mile race. i won't say that i raced, though. it was more like raced for 2 blocks, then walked the rest of the way, with minor sprints of 5 yards when i felt too many kids were passing me. i don't know the last time i have been this out of shape. at least it was a really nice day out and the neighborhood we were in was really pretty. i finished in about 32 minutes (what i used to run a 5K in!) and c came in, oh, about 10 minutes later, running an 8 minute mile. good thing i'm signed up to do a 5k run in a month....yikes! better start training for that, like 5 minutes ago!!!

i took a big nap this afternoon ~ about 2 hours ~ and headed to santa rosa this afternoon to meet with my sponsor. we chatted and had dinner and coffe for about 2 1/2 hours. it was good. c and i just watched date movie and it was pretty funny.

the cows are back, grazing in the field across the street. i like the cows. they're happy. they make me happy when i watch them.

i don't want to work tomorrow, but at least it'll be a short week for me. going home to LA on thursday for a wedding this weekend. going to see some of my girlfriends this weekend too. about time for that!!


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