my decision has been made

so enough is enough. i think i am going to resign from my job tomorrow. after calling in sick today ~well, actually emailing in~ and giving it A LOT of thought these past few weeks, i have made my decision. once again, there was a barage of useless emails that went out today. i do not have the strength or the energy to work with these people any longer.

i will tell them that i am persuing a few creative ventures and that i want to spend some time writing a book. that way i can bow out gracefully and not burn any bridges...i hope. being that this town is so small and that my father in law sits on several committess with some of the top people where i work, it would be best if i went as quietly as possible. and sadly, there is not a think that i will miss there.

i will give the standard 2 weeks notice and that will be that. i'm scared and relived at the same time. I have stuck it out long enough ~ just a month shy of a year~ so i do not feel like i am just giving up. i am dissapointed that this did not work out, but, i am glad that this was not my drea. i have learned that i do not want to work in hospitality ever again. maybe someplace else would be different, but i doubt it. it's a mentality that i just simply do not possess.

at least the local newspaper came out today ~tuesdays and fridays, that's how small of a town i live in~ so i'll able to search the help wanted sections.


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