it's finally friday!

the countdown to hawaii has begun. today is my last day at work for a glorious week and a half. i'm going to try to sneak out early 'cause i scheduled a hair cut at 3:30 and just don't want to be here until then. i have stuff to keep me busy until about mid~day, then hopefully, i'll be able to take off.

yesterday we had yet another dress code meeting. turns out i will now have to wear a friggen blazer every day. this sucks so much! i haven't had to do that since i worked at the capitol a few years ago, and even then i didn't have to do it everyday. grr. so today is day one of the new dress code. luckily, i still have suits. yesterday i bought a new black suit from banana, but it was on sale, so that was good. i bought a suit at the begining of the summer, a blue and white seersucker one, so i'm wearing the blazer with black slacks and a sassy lacy camisol today. this is going to be interesting, though, as we don't have air conditioning and since it's summer, it's pretty hot outside. and they nylons are being strictly enforced as well, so while i was so free and carefree for the past two weeks in my pretty skirts, i will be free no more. so sad.

i'm going to dinner tonight for a girlfriend's birthday. i'm a loser because i totally forgot to make her a card. the week just went by and i forgot. plain and simple, i forgot. at least i have a gift for her. i have to jet out right after my hair appointment 'cause i have to drive over to sac for dinner. i'm not worried about the sac part, though, since i'll be meeting her at her house in davis, then driving with her up to roseville for dinner. i didn't get in trouble with my drinking at either place, or with her, so i feel safe. sac still gives me troubles, though. i still don't think i could handle going downtown or near my old neighborhood, especially the liquior store!

atty kept me up agin last night so i'm a bit sleepy right now and the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. c almost threw him in the garage last night because he was so hyper. he decided it was a great idea to start chasing ghosts at oh, 2:30 in the am and didn't really stop until almost 4.

grumble grumble. but i'm going to miss him when we're in hawaii. so soft and fuzzy, he is.


  1. Sally said...
    Have SOOOO much fun in Hawaii! It will be beautiful and relaxing and warm and rainy. Eat LOTS of pineapple for me -- it doesn't get any better than eating fresh pineapple in Hawaii!

    I'm jealous, but I will get to have some fun while you're sunning yourself. My good friend turns 30 next week and her husband who is normally not such a nice person is doing the nicest thing for her. He's paying for 6 girls plus my friend to take a limo down to the outlets in Camarillo (the best outlets I've EVER been to -- better than Gilroy) to shop for the day, then the limo will take us to a nice dinner on the coast, and then drive us all home. I'm so excited!

    We'll have to swap stories when you get back!
    shell said...
    What a great guy! Have a fantastic time!!

    And I will definitly eat lots of pineapple for you. I can't wait to go!!!!

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