so there's this obnoxious group on property this week. they are in the conference room directly adjacent to where i sit. they have configured the room so that the doors do not close so i am so lucky to be able to hear their entire program. the best part of this is that the speaker sounds exactly like wallace sean, the guy who played vizzini in the princess bride and mr. hall in clueless. he even gets loud and excited like wallace sean. it was amusing the first 5 minutes, now it's just obnoxious. lucky me, their program goes until 5 pm today. and he is standing about 50 feet from where i sit and is pretty much shouting. loverly.

i finished my book, holy cow, last night and i want to go to india sooo bad now. i've wanted to for a while, but now, i really want to go. it just is such a different world than any i have ever visited and intrigues me very much.

i am looking forward to going to hawaii next week, though. my new bathing suit, flip flops and books have arrived. it's taking all i've got to not start reading the books, though. i really really hope c is able to relax and be nice to me. i hate being on eggshells. he keeps telling me i'm acting like a victim, which is so not true. anytime i tell him how i feel, he turns it around on me, which is lame.

i went to a meeting last night and made plans to have lunch on saturday with one of the gals there. we're going to a greasy spoon in town and i'm looking forward to it. greasy food is good. mmmm.

i'm going to another meeting tonight so i can collect my 9 month chip. there's a good birthday meeting on the last wednesday of the month that i like going to. there is another birthday meeting on the last friday, but it's not a very good meeting so i rarely go to that one. i'll go to another one tomorrow night as well. i have found that going to at least 3 meetings a week, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, work the best for me. sometimes i'll go on friday if i have nothing else going on and there is a different monday meeting that i sometimes go to, but that's about it. i like to keep my weekends free. if i feel i really need to go, i will go to a women's meeting on saturday morning, but i haven't been to that one in forever.

next week when we're in hawaii, we're going to go to meetings there. c discovered a good meeting when we were there for our honeymoon that meets at 8 am every morning. we'll see if i can get up that early when i'm on holiday! i'm sure i'll find others if that one is too early, though.

c keeps getting on me about my sobriety, but i know i'm doing just fine. i go to meetings, talk to people in the program and feel good about myself. i haven't talked to my sponsor in a while and i'm not working the steps right now, but for me, that's okay. the steps are a bit daunting to me and i'm not so sure about them. i really need to work on myself before i can grasp the meaning of them. perhaps i am looking too deeply into them, but for now, this is what i need to do. i am feeling better spiritually, and for me, that's a huge step.

i've started working on making cards. my colleague's cat died over the weekend and i made a nice card for her and had my department sign it. she really liked it, as did another colleague who also had a friend whose dog had recently died and she asked me to make a card for her. so i did that last night. it felt good to have a request. i also made my mom a retirement card as she retires on friday. i wonder what she'll complain about now...i shouldn't worry, though, she'll find something soon enough!


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