germany wins!!!

woo hoo! germany beat argentina just now. my hands hurt from clapping. the game went into over time, sudden death, then kick off. argentina missed 2 of 5 goals and germany got all of its goals. yipee!

there's a tv in the colleague cafeteria and a couple of us kept going down there at different points of the game to watch. i also had espn up on my computer. the kick off was the best part.

only three of us who were watching weren't mexican...but german. no one else was interested. but that's okay. it's more fun to watch stuff with people who are really interested, especially sports.

i bet wuschi is stoked! :)

one day i want to make it to a world cup game. they were in los angeles a few years ago, okay, more than a few years ago, but sadly, i never made it to a game.


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