weekend bits*edited*

so we're back home. and none too early, either. just about the time i was ready to pummel my folks, we were off. i can only deal so long with their out-of-touch-with-the-whole-entire-universe comments.

the wedding yesterday was beautiful. my girlfriend just glowed and the setting was gorgeous. everything about it was great. the people where wonderful, the weather was perfect, the music was a fun mix of indian, instramental pop and traditional songs. the food was excellent, the centerpieces were pretty...i could go on and on. she had a very creative guestbook, too. she made a scrapbook of her and her fiancee and left spots for all the guests to write a greeting. it was really neat.

it was a really facinating day for me, actually. she's indian and he is a practicing hare krishna. i'm very intrigued by the spirituality they both have. i have to admit, i don't know much about either, but am very eager to learn about both. i have done a little research and while some of the things i have found out tend to me very intense, some other things seem very wonderful. i'm always interested in learning about different faiths and beliefs, so i'm thinking that one of these days i will have to talk to my friend and her now husband more about what they believe. i find it all so facinating. some of the women from her family wore beautiful sari's and his father wore traditional hare krishna clothing, his head was shaved with a tiny tuft of hair in the back and he had on yellowish paint on his face. his mother also had on a sari and i believe she had paint on as well (it was very faint so unless you were up close to them you couldn't really see it).

the gifts we recieved were so unique as well. the name card ~for what table we were sitting at~ were in pretty silver heart shaped tea diffusers and on each place setting was a medium sided velvet embroidered bag with tea leaves that my girlfriend had brought back with her from her trip to darjeerling, india. it was so fantastic. i am going to brew myself a cup tonight.

the rest of the weekend was good as well. i had two of my girlfriends over for dinner on friday night. my parents were on their usual behavior, but luckily, everyone has know eachother for so long that it didn't really surprise anyone. well, maybe my friend's husband was a little surprised at my dad, especaily when he decided to start a great conversation by stating that "japan is a third world country". wtf? um, yeah, okay, dad.

my mother started in on us a few times as to why we hadn't bought a house yet. she has no idea how much real estate is nowadays, especially where we live. (a decent 2 bedroom/2 bath house with a yard starts at around $700,000.) so, since our rent is only $1,200 for a 2 bedroom/1 bath with a yard, we're feeling good about our savings. there's no way we can afford to buy right now. we do have a bit saved, but we definitly need a lot more before we can make any real headway. plus, we're not in a rush at all.

yesterday, the plumbing started acting up, so my folks called rotor rooter. turns out they have serious root damage and have to have their entire water line worked on. they can't use any running water for the rest of today and most of tomorrow. i'm so glad we left when we did. my dad was already saying that he would turn on the water, because the rotor rooter guy really didn't know what he was talking about. um..okay. so this damage is going to cost them an amazing amount of money; it's ridiculous. but my dad didn't seem at all disturbed my this. in fact, he said "yeah, we've been having this problem for about 30 years now. i guess it's time we finally got it fixed." so, now, $12k later, they're getting this fixed.

deciding all good must come to an end, i just checked my work email (i know, i know) and there are 2 messages from mr. fp getting his panties all in a bundle. great. so looking forward to work tomorrow. maybe i'll quit this week. i really don't know how much more of this i can handle.

you know, i do have to say that i like going home to LA because i don't have to worry about things here when i am there. i don't let work bother me, and i don't let other crap bother me. and i have great friends there that don't judge me, just love me. they listen, offer advise, then let me be. they just let me be myself.

i have to say that since i stopped drinking and have started this whole aa thing, things have been really different. yes, i a am glad to be sober. but i'm really not so sure about aa. i understand they are support to help me not pick up a drink, but i don't know if the approach that i'm dealing with is really working for me. i haven't called my sponsor since wednesday, and truthfully, i haven't thought of her once since i've been gone. now i have this nagging inside me that tells me that i have to call her. i don't like her questioning me of everthing i have and have not done. it makes me really defensive. like i have to explain my every move to her. i don't have to explain myself to anyone, so i don't like how she makes me feel that i have to explain myself to her. i know it's all part of the program of recovery, but it's not working for me, at all.

i've got to figure something out. soon.


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