saturday musings

last night was the first night of my girlfriend's bachelorette party. she rented a house near mine and all the other girls traveled here yesterday after work. the house she rented is gorgeous. it's up in the hills, so it overlooks the whole valley. it's so pretty and peaceful.

we headed down the hill for dinner and ended up going to a place that c and i go to pretty much every week. it was so great to be out with 5 other girls. i really miss girl time. our server (who is the husband of one of the girls i work with) was so great. he treated us like queens and made us laugh. he hooked the girls up with margaritas and treated us to a yummy plate of appetizers. everyone had such a great time.

i guess i was just so excited to be with a bunch of great girls that i ended up treating everyone to dinner. i made sure my credit card went out and that no one could give me money, even though the girls all tried. okay, well, all the girls except for my friend's sister, but she's a totally different story! they were all really surprised at my generosity, and i was just thinking it was a nice thing to do. i also hate the fighting over the bill, the trying to figure out what everyone owes and the bickering that comes with a group of girls trying to do math. it was just easier to pay. besides, i'm not going wine tasting with them today, taking part in the limo, or staying at the house. i felt that i needed to do something to contribute a little more to the weekend.

after dinner, some of the girls went bake to the house, and my friend and two other girls stopped by my house. i gave them the rest of the booze that we have left over from before i stopped drinking. it was good to get that out of the house since it was just sitting here.

this afternoon i'm going to meet the girls in town at a local pizza place for lunch. later, i'll meet them for dinner. my girlfriend gave us the cutest tank tops to wear out tonight. they are black with pink writing and each girl's shirt is specialized just for her. mine says "will trade husband for shoes". it's absolutely perfect for me! i am such a shoe whore! hehe. i love it. i will totally wear it other times besides out tonight. so cute.

c is off to the bachelor party this weekend so i have the house to myself. i was going to go for a run this morning, but i decided to have a coffee instead. i guess i should do some chores...the laudry is a bit of a mess...but maybe i'll just blow that off and go get a mani instead. :)


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