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uugg. so i've effed up a bit on the home finance situation. i am SO not a saver. luckily, half of my paycheck goes into a savings account automatically that i cannot touch. however, the other savings account is linked to the checking account ~ both of which i manage ~ and i can touch that one. well, it has dwindled down quite a bit due all to me and my spending. okay, some of it was for totally legitimate household expenditures, but still. i am mostly to blame.

i have not shared this with c, as he would utterly and completly hit the roof. i mean he would literally take flight and hit the roof with his head he would be so angry. you see, he has this thing about saving. he believes that every dime that we make, save for our rent, needs to go into savings. it's unrealistic, really. he has never had to pay bills as someone has always taken care of that for him, whether it be a roommate or a parent, so he really doesn't understand how much things cost. in college, finances are so much lower and he lives pretty frugally, so he just doesn't get it, even though he says he does. he has access to all things financial at home, but he has no interest in anything other than savings.

anywho, i also believe that we need to do things, be it a night out for dinner, a weekend out of town or a new pair of jeans. he, does not. so i make us do these things at the cost of the money not going into savings. it's called living. it's not like we're in debit or can't pay our bills. and the dinners we do go to are soo inexpensive.

but this month, i sort of forgot to account for some regular expenses and i well, got overdrawn. it sucks. especially at $25 for each overdraft. grrr. at least yesterday was payday for him and today for me. but i still have to be creative with the funds. i hate this. i wish i could save better and stop spending and he could be more reasonable with spending.

plus, now i have this delima: we have charged up our credit card a bit ~with things he has approved, of course~ and i have been giving the balance of my paycheck (after the savings part) for the visa bill. well, when the card is paid off ~which it soon will be ~ i want to but that extra money into the other savings account without him knowing, so that i can put back what i have taken out. but, i think he may decide that i need to put that extra money into the savings account that i can't touch instead. so i have to become creative with the billing. meaning, i'm going to have to say that certain bills are a bit more so i can syphon the extra money into the other account. make sense? maybe i'm just stressing over nothing. but you guys don't know him like i know him...


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