hump day stuff

i am now addicted to whipped cream in my coffee. fresh whipped cream, not the cream from the can, either. luckily, all the folks in the pastry kitchen like me and offer me the yummie goodness whenever i walk by with my coffee cup. makes the day that much better.

i was up late last night talking to c about my sobriety. it was a really good conversation, but i am dead dog tired today. basically, i have a lot of soul searching to do, which i already knew. i really need to work on some things and need to work on getting those things done. vague enough for you?? i'm not sure i'll make it to a meeting tonight as i'm pretty beat right now and tonight's meeting is a late one. but since i went the last two days and i'll be going tomorrow, it's fine if i miss tonight. i'm just not connecting with the right people at the meetings that i go to. he suggested that i start going to all women meetings and i guess i just might start to do that. there's one on saturday morning at 10:30, so i think i'll try that one out again. today is 9 months me, and while i definitly notice a change since i first got sober, i'm not exactly working things the way i should be. anywho, we'll see what happens.

this weekend my girlfriend will be in town for her bachelorette party. it'll be a good time, well, at least i hope it will. i'm only meeting them for dinner each night as they will be off wine tasting during the day and i'm not really into that anymore. :) but these girls aren't big drinkers so they won't be a huge mess like i used to be.

c is going to a bachelor party this weekend so i will have the house to myself, which will be nice. the weather is going to be hot again, so i don't want to do much of anything this weekend, except to stay cool.


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