yes, folks. i am a chicken.

okay, now i'm freaking out. i can't quit just yet. i'm still not sure. or maybe i'm scared of not having a paycheck. i better line something ~ anything ~ up first.

but i did sign up for one of those on line make money quick things. after signing up, i realize that it's really confusing....i hope i can figure it out. if not, well, it only cost me $50 bucks to enroll. i know. i know. sounds like a scam. but we'll see. maybe there's hope for me yet.


  1. j-sco said...
    Hey shell -

    I think it's a good idea to line something else up first - even though your gut instinct says to blow them all off!

    Peace and happiness,
    shell said...
    yes, oh friend of much reason, you're so very right. again. :)

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