i just saw the most disturbing thing. tweedle dumb just showed up for work wearing tight white pants with dark underwear. i just don't understand how she doesn't get the fact that she should not be wearing things like that. no one looks good in outfits like that, but she looks even worse. visiable panty lines are never acceptable, especially when you have a rather enormous ass, like she does. her outfits are just so wrong on so many levels.

again. i must reiterate: i have nothing against people who are heavy. some of my closest friends are heavy. i love them dearly and don't even notice their weight. but the difference between my friends and tweedle dumb is that my friends actually acknowledge that they are heavy and dress totally appropriately and they always look great. she, does not. she always looks awful. i swear she thinks she's a size 2. and she really needs to stop shopping at forever 21 for work clothes. it's just not right.


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